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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 4, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. a fire rips through four buildings leading six dozen people homeless. how one of the fire's victims fueled the flames. the raid is over. now it is time for more detail. what was inside osama bin laden's clothing that he was red for an immediate get away. cuts and shutdowns. now the kids may not have a carousel. what a south bay city's bottom line has come to this time. >> can we talk with you? the feds say this man bought houses for cheap by strong arming prospective buyers. >> they had a formla. major san francisco street with more than 70 people
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without a home to live tonight after their homes went up in smoke. a residential hotel at folsom street. joe vazquez with the fuel that may have made it all worse. >> reporter: look behind me you can see firefighters are still on the scene looking to put out hot spots if they develop. three people were hurt here today. and now tonight they are telling us some 78 people are burned out of their homes. >> reporter: it was a stubborn one. flames began ripping through the park hotel around 5:30 p.m. an got more and more intense as the hours went by. it spread to three more buildings and injured several people over the two hours of intense firefighting. one hotel resident went to the hospital for smoke inhalation as did a firefighter. another firefighter had a shoulder injury. none of the injuries are life threatening. >> that's my room right there. >> reporter: she says she lives on the floor just above the source of the fire. she and several other residents
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tell me someone was barbecuing chicken on an indoor barbecue pit. >> i was upstairs. it happened so quick. she threw bourbon on the chicken. >> your baby was with us? >> yes. >> reporter: firefighters got to the scene quickly and in fact their numbers grew to more than 100. but some of the residents are concerned because they say it took awhile to get water on the fire. >> it seemed to me as almost that the building was let go to burn. >> a fire like this you're applying heavy amounts of water. high volumes under heavy pressure. we did have to -- there is a jones street tank. gravity fed system which was kicked in to augment the water supply. >> reporter: i checked back with fire officials tonight. there was no problem with the water supply today fight that fire. they say simply that three
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buildings were on fire almost immediately and so they had to put water on all three of them at once. that took a great deal of manpower and water. it eventually spread to that fourth building. ken, i should mention. you heard the woman say the fire may have started in an indoor barbecue pit with chicken on the grill pouring bourbon on top. fire officials are aware of that report. several residents have said that but they are not saying whether that's the cause. >> so many older wood framed buildings in san francisco. it doesn't take much sometimes. >> absolutely the case. >> joe vazquez. thank you, joe. the commandser in chief today said no. the white house will not release the pictures of osama bin laden taken after he was killed. the president explained his reasons today in an interview with 60 minutes. >> we are absolutely certain this was him. we have done d.n.a. sampling and testing.
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and so there is no doubt that we kill osama bin laden. it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an insightment to additional violence as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> some members of congress are objecting to the president's decision saying that after years of fighting because of bin laden that we deserve to see his body. we are, however, seeing other pictures that those navy s.e.a.l.s took and you might find them disturbing. the pictures show the courier who unwitnessingly led u.s. intelligence to the hideout as well as one of bin laden's sons. the s.e.a.l.s themselves are back in the united states being debriefed. as they come in the reports are then being sent to
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congressional committee members. >> the s.e.a.l.s clearly were taking fire throughout the course of the building that they had entered. there were barricades along the way to prevent them from getting to where bin laden was. it is dark. it is confusing. >> when they arrive the s.e.a.l.s find a brick wall behind a door and had to blast through it. they found two couriers and a woman on the first floor. all were killed. there were more obstacles on the stairs leading up to bin laden. he ended up alone in the room with the s.e.a.l.s. intelligence agents are already dissecting the gold mine of evidence scored from bin laden's compound. bob orr shows us how they are using what was brought back to try to bring down the network that bin laden left behind. >> reporter: after navy s.e.a.l.s scrambled away with the body of the al-qaida leader they made a startling
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discoveryy. cloth sewn inside bin laden's -- money sewn into bin laden's clothes. mapping out a network of terrorist communications. >> who was talking to bin laden. who was he communicating with and directing. are there other links and numbers tied to those phone numbers. >> reporter: they expected more than u.s. officials ever expected five computers, a dozen hard drives. more than 100 computer discs recovered. they grabbed handwritten notes, weapons and assortment of personal items that could reveal key clues about other high ranking al-qaeda leaders and potential plots. it could take some time to decipher as it is encrypted. it is being stored in quantico in the fbi lab. meanwhile a task force led by the c.i.a.
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is digging through copies of the electronic files looking for names, numbers and possible locations of terror operatives. >> as we glean information from that material we will make appropriate decisions with regard to who might be added to the terrorist watch list, no fly list, all those things. >> reporter: officials hope the intelligence coo pressures them into making mistakes. >> there is now a growing sense among counter terrorism officials that al-qaida is on the rope. the hope is that the evidence may help the u.s. deal another significant below. bob orr, cbs news. the city attorney has supported a plan to restrict the activities of dozens of people. but now john rueso is resigning. grace lee shows us where that leaves the battle his office is
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still fighting. >> reporter: it is a fair ball and a fair call. and that's what he is hoping for in life. a chance to be able to play whether he is on the field or off but the city of oakland to black list him from a neighborhood. >> are you a gang member? >> no. >> have you ever been? >> no. >> reporter: able says he doesn't know why oakland city attorney put him on the gang injunction list but now he is hopeful the injunction won't go through because russo is leaving. >> he is leaving and hopefully the gang injunction will leave with him. >> it is not just my case. it is an oakland police department policy and so as long as it remains an oakland police department policy it doesn't matter who the city attorney is that policy will continue. >> reporter: russo won't leave office until june 10th and says he expects more gang injunctions in the future because they are effective and make neighbors safer by reducing gang activity. one is in place in north
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oakland and this new one would limit activity in fruitvale. they say they are being wrongfully confused. they spent too much money citing a $750,000 price tag. >> it doesn't stop the problem and it doesn't prevent crime. so it is basically a waste of money. >> reporter: but for abel he stays he is caught in the cross fire and he has no idea why because the only conviction he has is for selling marijuana. >> i've got a lot of family. he usually plays in the outfield but he has to go from the baseball diamond and then to the courtroom. they will be a part of this new gang injunction. >> in pleasanton, grace lee. cbs5. seven people in custody tonight in connection with a
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shooting death of a tourist from germany. hit in the head by a stray bullet while walking through san francisco's theater district last august. that bullet came from a shootout between two groups of people outside a private party across the street. now, the seven arrested today are all charged with murder. police are looking for an eighth suspect. we told you the story for years new. forced furloughs, officers cut, fire departments merged and now it may come to this. stopping a carousel in its tracks. how much san jose stands to save by cutting the power. and good enough to be improved. the california woman youtube pick for special training. >> can we talk with you? >> this northern california investor bought foreclosed property at dirt cheap prices and did it illegally. >> there is a very real effect on everybody who owns a home. >> coming up next. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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with you when you're ready to move. san jose is so broke, it wants to shut down a popular children's attraction. mark sayre finds out if it's worth seems like a merry-go- round. constant talks about what to do to balance the book. san jose is so broke it wants to shut down a popular children's attraction. mark sayre finds out if it is worth it. >> reporter: it is hard to believe the smile on her face is somehow related to the san jose city budget but indeed it is. that's because the city spends about $125,000 each year to operate this carousel in gaudalupe river park. but deep in the latest budget
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proposal on page 250, in fact, there it is in black and white. the carousel is targeted foreclosure. it is just one of many small impacts that are easy to overlook when the city is dealing with the potential for as many as 195 police officers and hundreds of other city employees to be laid off. >> only $1 for a ride but it helps our city running it. >> reporter: the carousel opened in 1998 built at a cost of $2 million but like so many hard choices the city is making right now it all comes down to the ongoing cost of operations. >> it is a tough thing to do. >> reporter: as mayor chuck reed presided over yet another bad news community budget meeting he says the city has little choice. >> when you're faced with the alternative of having to close libraries and community centers and eliminate the jobs of hundreds of people who do that kind of work keeping the carousel open just isn't quite as important as trying to maintain other services.
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>> reporter: the case of the carousel yet another reminder that sometimes to see the big budget picture all you need to do is look at the little picture. in san jose, mark sayre, cbs5. a modesto woman is cashing in on her youtube stardom. megan is better known as a singer making entertaining videos and putting them on youtube for four years. she was selected as one of 25 people from across the country to take part in its new next up program. she will be flown to new york where she will be mentored to improve her shooting and editing skills and she also gets $35,000. >> i have all these really crazy ideas but i never have the budget for them so now it is just going to be -- i'm getting new lenses and new equipment. >> megan has already been making money off her videos selling ad space and she sells
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her work in itunes. exclusive investigation of a new crime sweeping northern california. people using their homes to cheating investors right on the courthouse steps. it all starts with a house going into foreclosure. robert lyles shows us it ends with people making big bucks. >> reporter: he didn't want to answer our question. >> i'm with channel 5 news. can we talk with you. >> reporter: and neither did he. why are these two men hiding from our camera? part of a ring of at least six men who pled guilty to a new kind of foreclosure fraud. bid rigging. it all started here on the courthouse steps in stockton. thousands of foreclosures up for bid. >> next property. >> reporter: it is a fast paced world. >> opening bid in the amount of $57,000. >> reporter: where cash is king. >> going once. >> reporter: and the highest
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bidders numbers the best deal. with that much money twirling the bets say some people cheat. >> these were experienced bidders. >> reporter: in fact, a disgruntled bidders tipped off u.s. attorney benjamin wagner to a conspiracy so complex the feds admit it may be one of the reasons san joaquin county leads foreclosures. >> they agreed that nobody would bid. >> reporter: here is how it worked. instead of competing against each other the group of investors would select just one person to bid allowing them to buy foreclosed properties often for just a penny over asking. and the bidders who didn't play along were muscled out. >> people knew who they were. they sent out the message to other bidders they were not welcome. >> reporter: not welcome into a second private auction where the same house was resold at a higher price. the difference was profit that the group would split. >> they had a formula that they
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used to divvy up those properties. >> reporter: so why would that generate the might of the u.s. attorney's office? well, because they say bid rigging not only drives down the prices of real estate but it also steals equity from the homeowners trying to weather the storms. >> i think a lot of folks see foreclosure investors as sharks picking off of dead carcasses. that's unfortunate because the end of the day they are cleaning those dead carcasses off our streets. >> opening bid of $110,000. >> they just opened the bidding on this property. >> reporter: shawn o'toole used to buy properties on the courthouse. he now has a website. >> there may be other debt on the property. you may have to pay property taxes. >> reporter: so he admits that could give some an incentive to cheat. >> when you have a group of
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people that stand together every day, the temptation is high. i think human nature to say well, geez, john, i'm not going to bid you off. >> reporter: but he believes most know better than to cross the line. >> i think it is fairly rare at this point. >> reporter: u.s. attorney wagner disagrees. >> the auction process is not a highly regulated process. so unfortunately that allows fraud to creep in. >> reporter: a temptation they couldn't resist. both admitting to making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bid rigging scheme. >> i suspect this is not going to be the last that you're going to hear of these types of prosecutions. >> reporter: in stockton, robert lyles, cbs5. >> the u.s. attorney believes they have only scratched the surface of this kind of crime. prosecutors tell us there are other bid rigging rings operating in the state. so they view to continue their stepped up prosecutions.
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it is wednesday. roberta. almost the weekend. it is a big one. >> how about that. this is a beautiful view of the oakland coliseum where today a first pitch at 7:05 p.m. air temperature 76 degrees as the as played host to the cleveland indians. the final of that game. in oakland at the museum record high of 85 degrees. santa cruz also a record at 86. sfo breaking a record. 84 degrees. 67 across the tri-valley. 76 degrees at this 10 p.m. hour in redwood city. bombing out into the 40s and 50s and tomorrow morning you will kick start your thursday on a mild note with the sunshine. a lack of a wind until the afternoon hours out of the west 5 to 15. that wind will cause cooler conditions along the coast and the bay tomorrow but one more day of near or record warmth in
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the inland. suggested tree count and grass count remains on the high side. your high temperatures for your thursday anywhere from san francisco 73 degrees down from 82 today. to 89 degrees in concord, back in through walnut creek. mid-80s in san jose. for celebrations tomorrow, sunny skies, 66 at the beaches to 90 degrees inland areas. cooler at the coast and bay tomorrow. everybody closed down on friday. with the return of the onshore push, 58 to 76 degrees. partial clearing of the skis on saturday. partly cloudy skies on mother's day sunday. gradually trending upward by this time next week. hang out, stay with us. we are having a good time, aren't we? we will be right back after this. s its value better than any other luxury brand. ♪ intellichoice proclaims that lexus has the best overall value of any brand. ♪ and j.d. power and associates
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boxes are still saving thousands of stranded motorists in the bay area every year. >> we used to get about 98,000 calls ten years ago. and now we only get 20,000 calls but that averages to about 1800 calls a month. so they are definitely still being used. >> reporter: mtc's stephanie powell coordinates the emergency call box program and she says even in these days there are still about 2800 in use in the bay area. >> i left it at home. i don't get signal here because the call boxes have a stronger cellular signal so they use it because it is just a last resort. >> reporter: the boxes connect you to a real person who can notify chp, your auto club, and the system is expanding. >> you can basically access the same call box services from your cell phone by calling 511 and then saying freeway aid and you get connected to the exact same operators that handle the
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call box calls. >> reporter: part of your dmv registration fees are used to operate the call boxes. go to click on connect to send me your good question. tim lincecum struck out 12. did he get any run support though? i'm dennis o'donnell. another sharks game goes to overtime. we will have that next. r... ...or give mom a new bracelet for just $9.99. she'll love our $29.99 spring sundresses... ...and 30 to 40% off worthington and a.n.a. tops. or really make mom's day with 40% off diamond jewelry! plus, with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or $20 off! no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. bright, colorful screen, high-speed downloads, hd video. she'll want videos of grandkids.
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series 3-0. >> sharks will go for the sweep friday night in detroit. >> giants and mets. unfortunately for new york tim lincecum was in cy young form striking out 12 in 6 shutout innings to pick up his third win of the year. giants beat the mets 2-0 and climb back to the 500 mark. how about the as and indians? david dejesus us hitting his first home run of the season. 3-1. trevor cahill is 5-0. derek rose collected his mvp trophy then went out and scored 25 points handed out ten assists to lead the bulls to an 86-73 win to even that series with the hawks. and i have just been told that it is over in los angeles where the lakers have been defeated once again by the dallas mavericks. so they take the first two in l.a. the series shifts back to dallas. the lakers turn it on and turn
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